What is a Cuckold?

A Beginners Guide


The traditional meaning of Cuckold is
"a man whose wife has been publicly cheating on him with another man or men".

Some modern definitions of a cuckold are:

  • A man who enjoys the fantasy of his hotwife going out and having sex with other men.
  • A man who enjoys his hotwife going out to have sex with other men then coming home and telling him about her fun.
  • A man who enjoys being "Forced" to watch as his hotwife has sex with other men.
  • A man who enjoys his Hotwife meeting other men for sex, and sending him realtime photos or video clips of them in action.

Traditionally a Cuckold is a married man whose Hotwife has sex with other guys behind his back, often everyone else knows before he does.

These days husbands are finding that allowing, and even encouraging their wife to become a Hotwife and to sleep with other men gives their sex life a great boost.

The wives are not having sex with other men as a way of rejecting their husband, rather the sex with other men is used as an aphrodsiac to boost their sex life at home.

These days the Cuckold is almost always aware that his Hotwife is fucking around, occasionally they are unaware.

It is a very common for men to fantasise about their wife having sex with other men, it maybe a friend, a workmate or a celebrity from TV. Many men never pursue the fantasy, however those couples in a loving relationship who have good communications with their partner will often bring the subject up and with their partners consent enter into the "hotwife / Cuckold" lifestyle.

These days there are many more couples who have open relationships which means that it is easier for the husband to suggest that his wife become a Hotwife.

A few words of caution

A Hotwife/cuckold relationship is not going to work if the husband is a jealous person.

If both parties are sexually satisfied then Hotwifing may work, but if either of you is not finding your own sex life satisfying playing at being a hot wife can cause rifts. Hotwifing is done best when both parties are satisfied in the bedroom, but want to spice things up a bit.

If for one reason or another, there is no way that the husband alone cannot keep his wife satisfied, you may want to look at your relationship as a whole. If you find that everything is fine outside the bedroom, then hotwifing may be a solution, then go ahead and consider it.