Why Do Couples Play as Cuckolds and Hotwives?

Most couples start playing in the Cuckold scene as a way to enhance their own sex life.

Involving a friend in a sexual encounter is one of the most common fantasies of couples.

Some couples decide that it will be more fun if the husband watches, some that he joins in.

Sometimes both parties decide that it would be more fun if the wife had sex with a stranger and then recounted the events to the husband afterwards.

In almost all cases the games are a way to enhance their own sex life, though occasionally it will be because the husband has a medical condition preventing him from having sex with his wife and sometimes it is because the wife is very highly sexed and the husband needs help keeping her satisfied.

The Cuckoling lifestyle only works where both parties have discussed the parameters of their games. If the wife just has sex with strangers without the agreement and knowledge of her husband she is making her husband a genuine old style cuckold and is cheating. This is a quick route to divorce.

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